Arm/shoulder injury ; Cello student from Spain


Alba Clemente Escrivà, cello, former student at the ArtEZ conservatory  Arnhem

“I enjoyd my final exam a lot, I go an 8,5”  and “it helped me to be a better musician”

Mensendieck therapie has helped me to improve my body posture in general, and also, it has helped me to play cello in a better and relaxed position.

I started Mensendieck therapie because I got an injury in my arm, due to my bad position while I was playing cello and due to my extra muscle tension. Thanks to this technique I have learned how to prevent and avoid the tension, I am aware of the muscles that are working while I am playing and how to use them properly. As a result, I have less tension and less pain while I am playing.

Mensendieck therapie allowed me to be more aware of my body and thereby, it has helped me to be better musician; I have more control of my bow, better quality of the sound, more security on stage, less stage fright and more freedom of movement… I can not be more grateful!


Spain, Fri, 30 Aug 2013


Hello Charlotte!

…I don´t remember if I told you…but I enjoyed a lot my final exam! I got 8,5! which was a surprise for me… I played quite relaxed and happy. I must say that my succes in all this process it´s also related to you and your help. I´m very grateful with the work we did together the last two years and I will keep it forever in my mind!! Thanks once more!….

Best Regards,




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